Vintage Frames

vintage glasses styles on models

Here is a small sample of are our Vintage Designer frames available at eye design heswall, the range includes, Gucci, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein..... 

We Now have in stock a FANTASTIC Range of Vintage Original Frames. They are un-worn, in pristine condition and come complete with an original designer case! 

Truly one of a kind!

All designs are suitable as prescription glasses, they would also look fantastic as sunglasses.

To truly appreciate these beautiful frames, visit us today!

vintage christian dior glasses

You can now browse our prescription glasses online, a large collection of frames available at discounted prices, compromise on price not quality. Eye design Heswall have a large collection of frames suitable for reading glasses, distance glasses or prescription sunglasses. Choose if you want standard lenses or specially coated MAR lenses to improve glare from artificial lighting such as car head lights. At eye design heswall we like you to get the choice of your glasses right 1st time. We have designed our website to help you buy glasses online simply, with clear prices to ensure you glasses are 'discount glasses' at good price!

Trained staff can advise you on the correct prescription frames and lenses to suit your new prescription glasses. All we need is a copy of your opticians prescription that is most up to date. please be aware we cannot supply glasses online, or instore if you are under 16 or registered partially sighted or blind. We work to the GOC guidlines for dispensing prescription glasses online and instore, to ensure you are getting the best service possible. We are also happy to accept NHS vouchers. if you have been issued an NHS optical voucher, simply bring it into store and you can select from a vast range of free spectacles, or contribute towards the cost of your selected frame if it is not included in the NHS offer. Please be aware  we do not exepct NHS optical glasses when you buy glasses online from our online glasses shop.

We often have a range of sale items instore, greatly marked down in price to ensure you get a great price for your prescription glasses, your glasses will not be "cheap glasses" they will be high quality discount glasses!!!!