When choosing a frame you can use your existing glasses as a guide to what frame size you require. Frame sizes are measured like this

measuring glasses frame size for buying glasses online


Once you have selected your frame you are then asked what you use your glasses for. Your prescription details can be entered manually in the text box or if you are having trouble understanding your prescription you can take a picture/scan and uploaded via the upload option and we can translate the information for you.

If you use your single vision glasses to see at all distances eg, Driving, Tv, reading. Please select DISTANCE and your prescription glasses will be made accordingly.

If you use your prescription glasses for reading and close up work only. Please select READING. We will advise you that with Reading glasses when you look into the distance your vision WILL be distorted.

Sometimes prescription glasses are required for computer use only, like reading glasses you will not be able to see at distance, but the prescription will allow you to sit at a comfortable distance from the computer screen. It will be displayed on your prescription as VDU or INTER ADD. If it is not shown please send a copy of your complete prescription and we will be happy to work this out for you. If you require prescription glasses for computer work please select COMPUTER.


All frames come complete with single vision CR39 (plastic) lenses. these are the modern day equivalent to glass lenses. They are lighter in weight and generally more durable. When our customers buy glasses online or instore, these are the lenses we use unless otherwise requested.


If you require an anti-reflective (MAR) coating please select this option. This coating reduces the glare from artificial lighting eg. computer screen and car headlights and cosmetically improves the look of your lenses. It comes with a standard hard coat to reduce surface scratches to the lenses. If your buying prescription glasses online this coating may help with glare from your computer screen!!


A hard coated lense is just that, hard coated. It will improve the durability of your prescription lenses, particually for reading glasses if they are being placed down repeatedly. please note that this coating will not eliminate scratches ever appearing. it is just an extra barrier to protect the lenses.


Thinner lenses. If your prescription lenses are on the thicker side choose either 1.6, 1.67, 1.74 to reduce the weight and thickness. the higher the value the thinner the lense. We supply thinner prescription lenses with an anti-Reflective (MAR) coating as standard. If you wish for your lenses to be uncoated please specify this in the prescription text box.


Sunglasses and tinted lenses, If you choose this option lenses will be tinted as full sunglasses with a uva/uvb filter. If you require a lighter tint please specify this in the prescription text box, a common tint is called a comfort tint, this is very light. Some uses require this if they have any light sensitivity.


Transitions, choose these if you find having a seperate pair of glasses inconvenient. They will react when outside, changing the lenses to sunglasses. Please note that they will not react behind a car windscreen as the uv filter prevents this. Please choose the EXTRA ACTIVE option if you require them for driving, in this case they will change!


Your PD or 'pupillary distance' is simply the distance between the centre of your pupils (the black central area of each eye). It needs to be carefully measured and specified in millimetres. As a general guide, most adult PD measurements fall between 55 and 68mm. This is Required for buying your glasses online, if you are at all unsure please message us directly and we will help. Your opticians can provide this for you also.

image showing eyes and ruler for how to measure PD pupil distance to buy glasses online

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