Polaroid RealD 3D Glasses 

polaroid 3d glasses image perfect 3d vision

Here is a small selection of our Polaroid RealD 3D Glasses, they come complete with a stylish case and cleaning cloth..... 

 These Polaroid premium 3D glasses are equipped with unique premium 3D circular polarized lenses for a perfect 3D experience. Polaroid, the inventor and pioneer of the synthetic polarizing technology required to make polarized 3D glasses work, has harnessed decades of experience and know-how to develop and produce premium 3D sunglasses for perfect 3D vision.

These 3D glasses work with 3D movie-theatres / cinemas and devices (such as TV, PC, gaming screens) using 'passive' circular polarizing 3D technology. In movie-theatres / cinemas this includes systems from RealD™, Technicolor™ and others. Because of their high quality, these premium 3D glasses from Polaroid are specifically certified by RealD™ for usage with RealD™ technology screens and devices. They are not for use with Shutter (active) technology or with Dolby system 3D.